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BBQ With a Side of Southern Charm

BBQ With a Side of Southern Charm

Barbecue restaurant owners know: the highest quality ingredients, the best smokers and the perfect cooking processes will only get you most of the way there.

If you don’t provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, you’re not serving true barbecue.

Even more so than other cuisines, barbecue establishments evoke that feeling of Southern hospitality, like you’ve been invited to share quality food with friends and family. And in return customers know the staff behind BBQ joints take a certain sense of pride in their work.

Quality service can’t hurt business, either.

bogart's smokehouse line
The typical summer line outside Bogart’s Smokehouse in St. Louis.

There are many restaurants serving good barbecue. What gets people to come back consistently is providing an authentic and consistent experience.

Then, with a little social media prowess, barbecue restaurants have the ability to build a fan base, which also means more repeat business.

West Alley BBQ & Smokehouse in Jackson, Tenn., for example, was featured on local news after building a buzz in the community.

“Food was good, it was quick,” a customer told WBBJ Channel 7. “People are friendly and the service was great. We’ve been back multiple times.”

Check out some of the best TripAdvisor reviews from top BBQ restaurants around the country:

1. Joe’s BBQ in Blue Ridge, Georgia, was named Top BBQ Restaurant in the U.S. by TripAdvisor.

Joe's BBQ2. Sweatman’s BBQ in South Carolina, featured in USA Today.

sweatman's bbq

3. Smoque BBQ in Chicago ended up in Men’s Journal under Best Ribs in America and owner Barry Sorkin spoke to BBQ Industry about his lessons learned.

smoque bbq

4. “The best barbecue in Texas is currently being served at Snow’s BBQ, in Lexington,” says Texas Monthly.

snows bbq

5. Kerlin BBQ in Austin, Texas, named “best barbecue joint in the country” by barbecue author Johnny Fugitt.

Kerlin's bbq

Feature photo credit: Jimmie’s Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse in the Sawyer County Record.