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The Pitmaster Blend




The Pitmaster Blend

-The BBQ rub with a purpose-



You are witnessing the result of BBQ Industry’s quest to create the ultimate universal rub for any protein or veggie. We traveled the country and interviewed some of the top professional Pitmasters. This bottle contains the combined knowledge of those badass men and women who smoke meats like nobody’s business. 


By choosing this rub, you’ve hooked up the BBQ Industry community by helping us continue to provide valuable content to BBQ restaurant owners, Pitmasters, BBQ aficionados and those who are looking to start a BBQ operation and live the dream! We call this “The BBQ rub with a purpose.” And wait till you find out about our flavor…


Once you open this bottle, you’ll immediately smell the aromatics of the premium peppercorn. You’ll be able to taste and even feel the quality and the texture of the blend.


We figured everyone has sugar or oregano in their restaurant or kitchen cabinet. Therefore, you won’t find any fillers here. If you want to add those to this rub, feel free to do so, but there is no reason to mess with something that’s approved by industry leaders. 


We hope you enjoy this product and look forward to your continued support. Let us know how you used it! Tag #bbqindustry 


To view the video of our quest click here.

Happy smoking,

BBQ Industry Team