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5 Key Points to Add to Your Business Plan

5 Key Points to Add to Your Business Plan

Preparing delicious meat is the best part of the barbecue restaurant job, but there are many more factors to consider from a business standpoint.

Here are some tips from restaurant industry veterans, gathered by Alsco, which offers a more in-depth 126 steps to a better business plan.

Never Underestimate the Power of Cleanliness

It goes without saying that your customers should never be able to find a stain on your tablecloth, linen or any other part of your restaurant. They also should not be repelled by the state of your washroom and you need to clean it every hour.

And having a BBQ restaurant means that you need to be very careful about the state of your kitchen because raw and roasted meat need to be prepared in sanitary conditions. Always polish your stainless steel surfaces using industrial cleaning products and microfiber wipes.

Plan First and Buy Equipment Later

It is so easy to get starstruck by the biggest and most amazing equipment you see. You just cannot wait to buy it and take it to your new restaurant. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, will it fit?

The best course of action is to carefully measure the space you have for the equipment and then ask the supplier to show you only the items that fit those dimensions. Otherwise, you may get tempted to purchase something that is “just a little bit bigger” and that can cause a lot of problems on the long run, making it inconvenient for the kitchen staff to move without obstacles.

Create Online Presence

Your website should be in agreement with your brand in terms of visual presentation, colors, letters, logo, etc.

Seems obvious, but don’t forget your working hours, payment options, map, contact and of course: the menu. Look into how to enable options for booking and ordering online.

Your online presence doesn’t end with you having a website. You also need to create Facebook account and explore which other social media require your presence. Instagram is a must. Follow local food bloggers and get your name out there!

Buy Functional and Purposeful Furniture

Fancy chairs in a BBQ restaurant may look amazing, but are they comfortable? Imagine your customers enjoying the best BBQ ribs ever and all they want to do is just dig in and eat, but their fancy chair is too wiggly or unstable. It looks great, but they cannot reach the table, for example.

Your furniture must be functional in terms of design. With the focus on the food, nicely made wooden benches and solid hardwood tables are fine, and consumers are showing more appreciation lately for classic materials. Let a good designer help you find what’s best for your brand.

Don’t Rush to Spend More Money on a Bigger Space

Hiring a professional to help you with your BBQ restaurant interior design can save you time and money in the long run. Involve your team with them from the start. If you tell your consultant/designer your vision and the impression you want to make, they can help you combine function and beauty. Moreover, an excellent designer can even make a small space work!

If you have to choose between a bigger and a smaller space and a bigger and lower rent, you can easily opt for the smaller and cheaper space if you plan in hiring an expert to help you make the most of it. This works even better if you promote a takeout or grab-and-go option, which can reduce crowds in a restaurant.

Every BBQ restaurant needs a good business plan. This is true for all types of restaurants, as well. There are many experts that are willing to share their experience with opening and running a successful place. You can learn a few more tips with 126 Expert Ideas for Your Restaurant Business Plan.