Home Culinary Netflix and Grill: 7 suggested docs and films for pitmasters’ day off

Netflix and Grill: 7 suggested docs and films for pitmasters’ day off

Netflix and Grill: 7 suggested docs and films for pitmasters’ day off

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

(Photo Credit: CNN)

The O.G. culinary bad boy is still at it: eating delicious food around the world and blending in with the locals in his own charming way. Check him out in episodes of his CNN travel show where he discovers unique scenes like SLAB (Slow, Low And Bangin’ car culture meets barbecue) at Burns Original BBQ in Houston. As well as the episode with BBQ legend Rodney Scott in Charleston, S.C.

Street Food Around the World

(Photo Credit: Netflix)

Looking for some “out there” inspiration? Check out Street Food Around the World, a cool French series that explores one city (and its delicious street eats) with each episode. You’ll get at least a few new ideas from Bangkok, Amsterdam, Naples, Marrakech, Istanbul, Mumbai and more.


(Photo Credit: Netflix)

Legendary food writer Michael Pollan learns how to bake, brew, braise and more, all with an eye to how cooking and eating affects the world around us. Cooked is a documentary that will get you thinking.

The Wild Chef

(Photo Credit: Netflix)

Moose, muskrat and other critters from the Quebec backcountry are all fair game for Chef Martin Picard. He’s got a makeshift kitchen and a badass attitude.  https://www.netflix.com/title/80145520

Steak Revolution

(Photo Credit: Netflix)

Just as juicy as it sounds, this documentary takes you on a global pursuit of the world’s best steak. See what chefs, farmers, butchers and meat experts have to say—and prepare to crave something medium-rare shortly after. https://www.netflix.com/title/80048481

Rebel Without a Kitchen

(Photo Credit: Netflix)

This series chronicles the journey of sandwich chef Matt “Fidel Gastro” Basile, as he works it with pop-ups and shows why sometimes the lesson in life is to keep on truckin’.


(Photo: Projector Films)

Coming soon to Netflix, this new documentary has a high aim: to tell the complete history of our obsession with meat and flame. The film premiered at South by Southwest in March, and takes us to 12 countries to see how barbecue culture is truly transcendent.